Analysis Of Eric Schmidt And Jared Cohen's Our Future Selves

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“Our Future Selves” by Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen construct views on countries’ technologies that changes the world on a daily basis. Conversely, technologies reconstruct countries in various simpler ways to live throughout economic trends. Furthermore, the quality of life is massively changing with new technologies. Consequently, wealthy countries are viewed differently from poor countries towards technological advantages. Ordinarily, technologies have made the difficult obstacles so much easier than just by hand. Industries have utilized the advanced technologies to provide huge manufacturing productivity. Moreover, Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen have some very compelling reservations within their article, “Our Future Selves”, on the trends…show more content…
Schmidt and Cohen convey the idealistic view on today transportation services. Support Detail 1: Now, cars are starting use a similar autopilot system as an aircraft uses the similar systems (Schmidt 230). Technology leaps to new grounds taking out the unnecessary dangers and hours of driving. Do opinions and views differ on the countries? Poor countries do not always have resources to fit the bill of education services for technology. “For children in poor countries, future connectivity promises new access to educational tools…” (Schmidt 227). “Physical classrooms will remain dilapidated; teachers will continue to take paychecks and not show up for class; and books and supplies will still be scarce” (Schmidt 227). A survey was done in 2012 about Ethiopia give out tablets fully loaded with educational information to poor country; it irresistibly gave poor students a wealth of knowledge where students could write and speak English (Schmidt 227-228). Inversely, the education of poor countries has hit all time low. The countries that do not have the finance to buy or create technology for classes is detrimental to the country growth. Technology must be available for everyone. The world is hindered from becoming a better place without technology being present in education. “Just imagine the implications of these burgeoning mobile or tablet-based learning platforms for a country like Afghanistan,

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