Editing the World One Magazine at a Time

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“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” once said Coco Chanel, one of the greatest fashion designers. Style is being able to convey one’s self through the use of fashion, i.e. taking what is offered and making it something that coordinates with your attitude. I would like to spread style throughout the world and inspire others to create their own sense of style. I aspire to become the editor of a major fashion magazine similar to Elle or Vogue. Throughout this essay, I discuss the various ways and requirements to one day editing my own fashion magazine.
The job environment for an editor continues to vary due to the advancement of technology. Many editors are able to work from home and the road, but often they also have a main office. Editors are required to travel often to conduct onsite research. Sometimes editors of large cooperation’s have many offices around the world, to make research easier and more accessible. A large portion of the job is over viewing others work, which requires a lot of interaction with other people. Although as an editor they normally associate with the same team, they also have to work with outside people due to the topic being researched. There are various technology programs and machines that are used on site, such as printers and computers or laptops.
As an editor there are various tasks that are required in order to fulfill all the requirements. The main requirement is reviewing, editing and rewriting other writers work; they review and edit articles also offer comments to improve the writer and occasionally they suggest titles. Also, a immense aspect is continuing to retain the authors work within editing the writing. Mainly the editor is supposed to criticize the autho...

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... in the school newspaper or the community newspaper. Also small magazines and newspapers often offer internships for students during the summer that introduce them into the lifestyle of a writer or editor. Interns are sometimes given the opportunity to write small columns, conduct research or projects and learn about the publication process.
I meet the requirements for this career as well as have the dedication to pursue my dreams. I believe that all things characteristics are similar to my personality traits and this job requires a leader which is something I most defiantly demonstrate. Although this job does not support the type of lifestyle I dreamed of, I am willing to give up some things in order to pursue something I am very passionate about which is writing and fashion. My love for fashion as well as my creativity makes me a great candidate for the job.

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