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Personal health should be a persons first and chief concern, however in a school environment that values grades over personal well being it can become difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many factors can contribute to bad or poor health in college students, stress is one of the major problems for the majority of college level students; however a poor diet and a lack of sleep may also cause students to fall ill or do poorly in their classes. There are many steps that students can take to ensure that they have a healthy mind and body even in a high stress college environment. Students should strive to maintain a healthy diet, a regular sleep schedule, good personal care and a regular exercise routine in order to sustain their overall well being.

A well balanced diet is the cornerstone to a healthy lifestyle, yet many college students believe they don’t have the time or money to eat healthy meals on a regular basis. This belief often drives students to choose the cheapest and quickest food options available, these junk foods generally offer little to no nutrition (Miller). Many students also end up gaining weight over the course of their college years, because the majority of the foods they consume are high in empty calories and fats (Miller). There are many ways to improve a person’s diet, most of which require little effort and less money than one would expect. One of these options is making sure to drink a large amount of water, which “can help boost … concentration as well as keep you from overeating” (101 Health). Another way to maintain a good diet is remembering not to “skip meals,” eating three meals a day is good for a person’s health, furthermore it’s suggested that you partake in healthy snacks throughout the day ...

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... of a person life, while some illnesses might not be detrimental they can become life threatening if allowed to persist without treatment.

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