Eating Chili Peppers And Conforming To Stand Out Analysis

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One of the biggest determinants for the success of a writer is engaging and maintaining the interest of a variety of readers. While there are endless approaches to telling a story, as well as many writing styles, the most effective writings are the ones that successfully impress a diverse audience. The essays Eating Chili Peppers and Conforming to Stand Out: A Look at American Beauty are two different styles of essays that unveil a similar search for self-gratification. While the essays cover different topics and the authors use different writing styles and approaches to engage the reader, they both unveil a similar underlying message of a search for self-gratification. The essay Eating Chili Peppers, written by Jeremy MacClancy, is a description essay. This author demonstrates a concise descriptive nature using a very fixed vantage point. It is clear to any reader what the author’s opinion of eating chili peppers is. The writer uses various similes to ignite the reader’s senses and leave a dominant impression. For example, “Biting into a tabasco pepper is like aiming a flame-thrower at your parted lips” (287) and “Tears stripe your cheeks, and your mouth belches fire like a dragon celebrating its return to life” (287). Both of these statements leave little room for the reader’s self-formed opinion, especially in the …show more content…

MacClancy states, “Wrenched out of normal routines by the continuing assault on their mouths, they concentrate on the sensation and ignore almost everything else” (287-288). On the topic of body art, Ruggia states, “The skinny obsession is spiraling out of control as more people risk death to be thin through diet pills and gastric bypass surgery” (318). These statements support that the essays both unveil an underlying message of the endless human search for self-gratification. Using diferent writing styles, the authors similarly impress their person opinion on the

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