Susan Bordo The Globalization Of Eating Disorder Summary

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Strength in the Globalization of Eating Disorders
The advent of the 2000s brought with it a new generation of youth unlike anything Western culture has seen before. In the beginning, no one noticed any change from the 90s to the early 2000s, and the societal purview seemed untouched. Kids could still be fat and cute simultaneously and no one questioned how such a thing was possible. Yet, in reality, the western culture had plans to cast about a plague that would make Old Testament devotees blush—or, at least according to essayist Susan Bordo, author of “The Globalization of Eating Disorders.” In her essay, Bordo approaches her audience with a grim scenario: humankind can only stop the spread of eating disorders until we become aware of its
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Bordo creates a harrowing argument in her essay. “The Globalization of Eating Disorders” shows its greatest strengths when supported by the essayist’s emotional appeals, personal observations, and statistical evidence. In her keenness to employ real facts and statistics, paired with her rhetoric, Bordo grants relevancy to her claim. Providing clarity on the recent development of eating disorders, Bordo shows her ability to argue as she voices her deep concern. Indeed, Bordo’s use of many of the components of a strong argument in her essay accomplishes its goal. Ultimately, Bordo’s selection provides its audience with enough reason to consider or reconsider their stances. Suddenly, the globalization of eating disorders has become global in a new way—in the awareness of men and women all around the…show more content…
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