E-retailing: The Growth of Online Retaling

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The Online Retailing/e-Tailing
E-tailing is the market of selling retail goods on the internet. The abbreviated version of “electronic retailing” is basically part of business to business transactions
First of all, the structure of online retail market is divided into two categories they are vertical focused and multi category. Vertical focused mainly deals with specific goods like apparels, electronics and baby products, in the multi category it deals with all the categories of goods, the main aim of the online retailing is to grab the customers by offering large discounts on products.
Some Emerging business models in India:
E-malls or electronic market places they provides a platform for sellers to setup vertical stores and sell their products online by this market place and at the same time both get benefits buyer and seller because no need to maintain physical store at all they deal to customers to online and buyer won’t waste their time and money they can just click and buy what they want at home and these market places allows consumers to sell their products directly to other customers at a fixed price or an auction this point of view e-commerce monetary exchange through offering payment methods on their websites direct buyer to seller.
Deals/grouping buying:
People attracts mostly to deals and discounts, if anything getting in good deal people will buy the product even they don’t want that products. Deal sites provides daily discounts and offers in various types including travel, food and beverage and life style products and group buying sites works on the larger volume of goods for merchants, then offers attractive prices to consumer, there is a difference between deals and group buying. In group buying a minimum numbe...

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Online classifieds players focusing on specific areas are setting up sites that provide services targeted at specific cities and categories. These players have also customized their websites to provide content in local languages. Furthermore, though advertising revenues comprise the primary revenue source in this segment, some players have also adopted a lead generation-based model. The horizontal classifieds space is growing with several players entering this market.
Favorable demographic factors such as rising purchasing power and global exposure have shortened the consumer purchase cycle, and more used goods are coming into the market. Horizontal classifieds provide a suitable route to sell such goods relatively quickly. Response rates and the ability to generate genuine customer leads for ads posted are major determinants for the success of players.

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