The Advancement of the Australian Fashion Industry

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Executive Summary
The Australian Fashion industry has advanced drastically over the past 50 years, through style changes and technological advancements. The underlying system has stayed the same within the fashion industry, aside from all the changes. This fashion system, built up of the components of the internal system within the fashion industry and the factors affecting them, is the base guidelines to what the fashion industry is about.
The Australian fashion industry developed it individual identity in the past 20 years, before which it adapted the looks that evolved mainly from Europe.
The Australian fashion industry is mass-market based, with some mid-market and diffusion line brands, as well as very few ready-to-wear brands and haute couture houses.
The industry is structured around physical and online store selling, and promotion is done mainly through television, magazines and word of mouth.
As online shopping continues to become more and more popular and regularly utilised, fashion boutique stores will continue to reduce in numbers.
The seasons, and time of year, affects the Australian fashion industry because we are not in sync with the major fashion capitals of the world, New York, Paris, Milan and London.
Factors that affect the fashion system include culture, location, environmental awareness and the government. The internal components of the system that are being affected include the designers, manufacturing process, sourcing and retailing.
The Australian fashion industry is smaller than the major fashion industries around the world, however has the same goals and underlying systems. The main difference between them however, is the government funding that the Australian Fashion industry does not receive, unli...

... middle of paper ... unnecessary and wasted.

The Australian Fashion industry, however small compared to global markets such as New York and Paris, functions well with high success for the goals they have attempted to achieve. Australia acts as a support network for the other global fashion markets. We learn and gain influence and inspiration from capitals such as Paris to base our trends and fashion on, following the global fashion system. Many of the global fashion markets, including the Australian fashion industry have a high credibility within their area, some more than others. This credibility and value placed on the fashion industry by the consumers themselves, determines the success of the industry as purchases from the customer, and changes in trends and styles is what keep the industry moving. The fashion industry would not exist without change and developments.
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