E-Marketing: Essential to Raise Customer Satisfaction and Build Brand Loyalty

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Within Saudi Arabia and the world at large, the use of e-commerce has greatly increased due to the increasing internet access. This therefore means that e-marketing is essential in order to raise customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty which will go a long way in influencing customer loyalty. There have been several challenges in achieving these objectives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) due to various political, socio-economic, and cultural factors which are real and cannot be ignored. This essay therefore focuses on some of those challenges that hinder the effective use of the internet among the majority of the population in Saudi Arabia.

Role of E-Marketing in Raising Customer Satisfaction and Building Brand Loyalty in Saudi Arabia

E-marketing or electronic marketing refers achieving marketing objectives through use of electronic communications technology as noted by Chaffey (2006). It is the application of marketing principles and techniques via electronic media and mostly the Internet. The term e-marketing can also mean the same thing as internet marketing or online marketing. Customer satisfaction is how satisfied a customer is with the supplied product or a service. It is closely related to interpersonal trust (Geyskens, Steenkamp, Scheer, and Kumar 1996). Brand Loyalty is the extent of the faithfulness of consumers to a particular brand, expressed through their repeat purchases, irrespective of the marketing pressure generated by the competing brands. It is the tendency of consumers having to stick with the products or services bearing brand names they know and trust. Loyalty contributes to the ongoing process of continuing and maintaining a valued and important relationship tha...

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