A Brief History of Web Design

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A brief history of web design.

Web design has a very young history is similar to other areas such as graphic design and computer science. Although web design is also seen as both. It has made a huge impact in people’s everyday lives. It is very difficult to see a Internet without pictures, different types of themes, and music. Since 2000 and later the web has become much more integrated into people's daily lives, There have also been significant changes in the way people view and access websites, this has changed how sites are programmed and designed.

Why do I want to join this career field? One of the main reasons I chose this career field was because it combines two of my favorite things; the internet and graphic design. Consumers understanding the content of a site often relies on users understanding how to navigate the website works. User experience is related to layout, simple instructions on a website. How well a user can understand how they can navigate a site may also depend on the UI of the site. If a user understands the usefulness of that website, they are likely to continue accessing it. Users who are skilled and well educated with websites they use may find it more unique, yet a less user-friendly website interface useful anyways. However, users with less education or technology illiterate are less likely to see the usefulness of a less user-friendly website interface. This improves the trend for a more simpler user experience and ease of access to go with as many users as possible regardless of their computer skills. Much of the user experience with interactive design are considered in the UI design.

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...uld be anyone, from a creative director to the manager of a company to a small business owners. Designers develop ideas and concepts,choosing the right form of media and visuals to meet the client's needs. This career field demands a creative mind, updated knowledge of the industry's graphic software and a professional approach to time, costs and deadlines. This career field also offers a lot of freedom as you can either be a freelancer or work for a company.

A typical day of both a Web designer and a Graphic designer includes meeting clients to discuss the goals and objectives of the goal,finding the client's business needs and developing an idea to suits their goal,estimating how much time will be required in order to complete the work and goals set by the client. Developing design ideas by researching information while thinking creatively to produce new ideas.