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Do the risks of e-commerce overweigh its benefits?
E-commerce is one of the most important features of the Internet to have emerged in the recent times. Electronic commerce or e-commerce consists of the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. E-commerce is growing at an exponential rate. Any aspect that decreases the risk connected with shopping online can therefore be expected to have an effect on the development of e-commerce.

Risk has been frequently identified as one of the most daunting cause to people for participating in e-commerce, concerning transactions in which financial and personal information is submitted to merchants via the Internet. According to the survey based on a national survey of 1220 Internet users conducted by PIP, only 28% purchased holiday gifts online, and this projects to approximately 30 million consumers (Wang and Emuria, 2004). However, e-commerce helps organization to provide better customer services. The developed countries in the world have adopted e-commerce as one of the main source for the country’s economic growth. In 2009, according to the China e-commerce association and Alibaba Company for domestic online case survey, 59% of the respondents thought are honesty, and 80% of the respondents thought online trading success depends mainly on credit (Shandan, Dan, Yunyun and Yohghai, 2012). Furthermore, the number of online product purchase has increased gradually increased since 2000, and at least one online purchase has been made by 66% of the respondents. An even higher percentage (93%) has used the Internet for researching information on the products which the user thinking of buying and also related e-commerce ...

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...e in the e-commerce market. Companies are getting more innovative to learn how to secure finance and infrastructure to support the strategy of e-business (Damanpour, 2001).

In conclusion, this study has argued that e-commerce has more benefits than the risk in the business market. The research has been made and found evidences to take the position to explain the effect of the ecommerce development in the different part of the world. The adoption of the ecommerce has taken as one of the business strategy in the recent times. Business in the later stages of e-commerce adoption expected to sell more products and services than before. In addition, the study also demonstrates that people have started using the e-commerce effectively over the years and illustrated the efficiency. (1019 words)

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