Dubai Tourism Case Study

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Chapter 1: Introduction
Introduction Background
Dubai Tourism
Dubai is one of the most important cities in the Middle East area. Dubai maintains an enormous level of independence from the United Arab Emirates when it moves toward broad conclusion making the city to expand and grow. The construction industry has a substantial and essential role in the tourism sector of Dubai, it has verified a potential capacity to conquer the challenges faced by the tourism industry and has established itself a power in the industry with a very high growth rate. Thus, this makes Dubai an attractive example of an active and successful Middle East centre for tourism that is creating new and more chances of opportunities and realizing its full prospective.
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It is modern and very up to date, so it makes sense and has become the background of a well-built visual arts view or sight. Large artworks making strong statements entirely reflected the spirit and the strength of the city. Dubai is maturing from a place of celebration and excess to consideration and self awareness.
Kumar, B. assumed in an article that Dubai promotes itself as the commercial and economic focal point of the Gulf region which is obvious from the plans undertaken to develop open trade regions and manufacturing parks. Dubai is seen as a moderately liberal and international society with 80 % emigrant population and can count on as being one of the safest cities in the globe. The Government has a key role in starting and supporting tourism and with respect to the tourism policy of the government; tourism was positioned at the centre of the diversification program beside construction.
The pull factors are the tangible things that draw the tourists to the destination. This include improved in the standard of living, availability of services, better health care, quality of education, no social obligations, varied employment opportunities, higher wages and future prospects
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