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The National Football League (NFL) has been a staple on Sunday’s in America homes for quiet sometime. It provides excitement and generates billion’s of dollars, but what I told you that this league may lose viewers or even not exist in a few years. The NFL is a great brand, but what is potentially going up against may have you scratching your head as a parent to let your child even take a snap early in his football career if not taken care of.

Sport Entity Brand/Reputation:

The National Football League is made up of 32 teams that were once founded in 1920 by a group of people who helped form the league. In the beginning the league wasn’t really structured to what it is now. Teams will just play and no playoff games, seeding’s, or the game itself matter because not only was the game was overshadow by America’s past time baseball, but it was difficult because the college game was established as well. Owning a team was extremely hard because owner’s will spent large amounts of cash and participate in bidding wars for players. Fast-forward to today’s day and age it is safe to say the NFL may be the most brutal and exciting game to play. Rule’s and norms are intact for teams to do things more ethical. Money is what really drives this business and of course constant advertisement to promote its brand. With some of that revenue, the NFL has opened a program called NFL: Play 60. The purpose of this program is to encourage kids to be physically active for 60 minutes in a day to reduce America’s child obesity. The NFL has been successful because in 2010 the first lady Michelle Obama announced it would be teaming up with NFL PLAY 60 as a health imitative for children. This was a great move for the brand because The First Lady’s office and...

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...Commentary on Sports Entity’s Future Brand Image:

After thoroughly evaluating the positives and negatives impacting the sport entity, The NFL is really in a tough position by far. More and more players continually are being diagnosed and the worst part about it is, to fix the issue of retired players being exposed to this disease the league must fix its current game. Roger Goodell is in a tough position because like Bernard stated if you are going to practice the “safety rule” in today’s day and age, defensive players are going to be more concerned about getting fined then making the plays for its respective team. The game will lose integrity. The NFL must find a way were it can coup with everything because yes older players are suffering, current players are displeased, but what’s going to happen when parents turn away from football? The NFL may see it’s last snap.

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