Driving InTEXTicated

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As cell phones become more popular, texting while driving is becoming the most widely known cause for car accidents among teens. The alarming rate of incidents where texting is involved is getting more parents worried and warning their children about the danger of texting while driving. Parents are urging the fact that drivers should pay attention to the road and traffic, not their phones. A popular study of 18 to 24 year old drivers showed that 66 percent of them have texted while driving. Since texting while driving is becoming more popular many states are passing a law to ban the use of any cell phone device while in a vehicle. Texting while driving is an important issue that is causing many deaths and those who cause these deaths and accidents should be punished. President Obama has now stepped in on this issue and banned texting to all government officials while in a car owned by the government or in their own possession. Now 16 states have passed a bill through congress that has banned texting while in a car. Many Americans are saying that sending a text message while driving...

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