Driving Safely

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Driving Safely This essay is to inform you about certain aspects of driving. In this letter I am going to talk about the effect of response time, a safe following distance, how the stopping distance depends on speed, how to decide what to do at a yellow light and how you have to change your speed around a curve. In the next following paragraphs I will explain each of the topics that I have listed and I will give you a better knowledge of how to be a safer driver. When you are driving you always have to be alert and have your eyes all over the road. Being that no one can foretell the future you never know what is around the corner. At any given time an accident can occur and if one does and your are in close range of it, it is up to you to stop in enough time to avoid the accident and to avoid one of your own. This act of avoiding an accident all depends on your response time. Your response time in the amount of time a person requires before they can act. Your response time has a direct impact on your driving. As you know it takes time to realize the situation and then more time added to that to actually respond to the whole situation. If you are not quick to act, then most likely you will be apart of the crash. That is why getting a better knowledge of your response time is very important because it can save your lives as well as others. As well as knowing your response time it is also important to know the safe following distance. A safe following distance is about two whole cars. But, when going different speeds it can vary. If you are just driving through Bronxville or any other small village where the speed limit is about 30 then it is ok to be about one car length away. This is a safe position because the spe... ... middle of paper ... ...oing around a curve. It is important to decrease your speed while going around a curve because you need friction to go around them. If there isn't a lot of friction on the road, and you decided to take a tight turn at high speeds then most likely you would end up flipping your car over or getting into an accident that could have been avoided. Also, if there is bad weather and you are going to fast around a curve most likely you will wind up either spinning out or skidding either causing an accident once again or damage to your car. Thus, it is important to lessen your speed while you are going around a curve. I hope you both take this seriously and remember all of these tasks while driving. It will help save your life as well as others as I have mentioned before. So, take this information and drill it into your head so no tragedies will occur from poor judgment.
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