Dressing For Success For The Public School Front

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Dressing For Success In recent years, a controversial debate has erupted in the public school front. The questions stand whether or not high students should be required to follow a dress code or wear uniforms. Many opinions on this subject include a student’s right to freedom of expression and if a dress code is another form of sexism against women. Through the controversy a single factor plays a huge part; teenage students are in school to gain an education and become successful adults. Every high school should implement a uniform dress code because it minimizes distractions, promotes group culture among students, and teaches students professionalism for a future workplace. First, let’s discuss a student’s right to a clean environment free from distractions. Imagine a school system where high school students in today’s society were free to dress however they pleased. According to Gilbert, “Students will wear just about anything just about anywhere.” He continues, “Current fashion trends seem to be leaning towards the extreme.” Increasing sexual overtone on social media and in music teaches kids that it is acceptable to be over sexualized. Children are taught at a young age to use their bodies as an instrument to get further in life. If young women and men are allowed to wear clothing that is too tight and revealing, members of the opposite sex could become distracted and be more focused on maintaining relationships than learning. While every student should have a right to freely express themselves, expression can be shown in ways that do not distract from the learning process. Young adults are already at a heightened state of pubescent emotions and hormones. We should take every precaution to deter sexualizing among students as p... ... middle of paper ... ...e ensures students represent their school in proper fashion. In conclusion, high school students benefit from a uniform policy and dress code because it ensures safety among students. It provides protection for our youth against an over sexual social culture by allowing children to be children. Dress codes deter gang activity and keep students away from obscene language and gestures. Allowing students to dress similar keeps them on the same social level and ensures group uniformity. Students are also prepared for a future workplace where professionalism is key. It is our job to protect our children and ensure a productive future for them. If adults work together and eliminate simple roadblocks, the children will succeed. The reality stands uniforms are beneficial and as adults, we need to ensure every high school implements a sensible plan to protect our children.
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