Dr Nash Island Civilization

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Dear Mr. Nash,
In your essay “Island Civilization: a Vision for Human Occupancy of Earth in the Fourth Millennium”, several proposals are brought up with seemingly impossible solutions to the problem of environmental decay that is currently consuming, endangering and threatening our planet. Dr. Nash, you believe that humans have to do what they are capable of in order to restore the planet to its “natural” once prosperous condition. When humanity came into the picture, it began to manipulate the environment for its own personal benefits. The essay makes the point that the world is not ours to destroy and take from, but rather that people live alongside nature without disturbing it. You state that your proposal may be controversial due to some major changes, and that the ” whole purpose of this essay is to put forward for discussion a strategy for occupation of this planet that will work in the very long run, and for all the natural world.” The concepts brought up are quite controversial, and for that reason your points are arguable.
I believe that the idea of Island Civilization ...

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