Don Haskins and The Texas Western Basketball Team

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Prior to 1966 African Americans were not allowed to play basketball with Caucasians. That all changed when six African American men, led by coach Don Haskins of Texas Western College, played in the March, 1966 NCAA championship and won. I believe that Don Haskins created significant change for African Americans and college basketball.

Although Don Haskins brought about change for college basketball, it was not without the historical help of Texas Western College. Texas Western was the first college to integrate its undergraduate classes in 1955. Later, Texas Western became the first University in the state of Texas to have the first black administrator. It soon became known for creating opportunities for African Americans. The NCAA win in 1966 symbolized a breakthrough for African Americans in college sports with Don Haskins paving the way.

Don Haskins was born on March 14, 1930. He played college basketball at Oklahoma A&M from 1949 through 1952. Haskins was a second team all-conference player as a senior and played as a guard and forward. In 1949 through 1951 h...

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