How Earl Lloyd Changed Basketball History

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553 words

Earl Lloyd was probably the most courageous player of all time. Some people know him as “The Big Cat” others know him as the first African-American to play in an NBA basketball game with the whites; he changed the way people think and look at basketball and black players and coaches. Earl Lloyd loved basketball from a very young age. Earl had two brothers older than him which was Earnest and Theodore. Earl was very dedicated from a very young age. With his high school team he took them to a state championship and won. After high school Earl went off and took his talents to West Virginia State College. While Earl was there his sophomore year they went 33-0 which is a perfect season. Earl’s team won back to back CIAA conference championships and tournament championships.

Earl Lloyd was born on April 3, 1928. Earl grew up with his father Theodore Lloyd and his mother Daisy Lloyd and his two older brothers Earnest and Theodore Lloyd. Earl grew up in Alexandria, Virginia. “Well, it was not a lot of fun” said Lloyd, “I could never understand as a young kid why people were allowed to trea...

In this essay, the author

  • Describes earl lloyd as one of the most courageous players of all time. he was the first african-american to play in an nba basketball game with the whites.
  • Explains that earl lloyd was born on april 3, 1928. he grew up with his father theodore lloyd and his mother daisy lloyd.
  • Narrates how earl lloyd wanted to play in the nba but knew the risks and decided to take his chances. his teammates didn't care for him at first.
  • Opines that earl lloyd never let his family down, even with the disrespects of the fans and everybody else.
  • Explains that earl lloyd wanted change, so he joined the nba. he was the first african-american to play in a nba basketball game.
  • Opines that coaches and players should think differently about black basketball players and coaches. earl lloyd's courage changed basketball forever.
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