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Doing the Right Thing-Chuck Colson In this video, the one thing that caught my attention was when Charles Colson stated that “when he worked in the prisons 35 years ago there were 229,000 people in prison. Today there are 2.3 million people in prison.” This really caught my attention because it is just a great example of how our culture is starting to crumble right before our very eyes. There is an epidemic of drug abuse, corruption, thievery and all-around madness going on in America today. It really does seem like ethics are non-existent and this is the very reason why our jail system is currently overloaded. I don’t know about anybody else but to me sometimes I wake up and wonder if I am still on planet Earth. Even though I am only 30 years old, in my short lifetime, I have witnessed a dramatic shift with our current society’s ethical behavior. What is the Christian Worldview? Answers to the Four Questions Everyone Asks - Kevin Livermore In this video, the statement that caught my attention is something that I totally agree with. The statement is that “the solution to our problems on this Earth is found in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ”. I believe that Jesus Christ is the foundation of life itself. God gave his son as a gift for all to receive. Unfortunately, not all will accept the gift that God has given. The problem in this world is sin and the only way we can be saved from this curse that affects us all is Jesus Christ. Our works and good deeds cannot and will not be enough for us to live eternally. Only the blood of Jesus and the acceptance of him being your Lord and Savior can save you from your sins and ultimate destruction. How do you Know that Christianity is the ONE True Worldview? - Ravi Zacharias ... ... middle of paper ... Biblical Worldview helps us make right decisions and have correct responses to the ungodly points of view of the world. In our day in age, if we don’t have a strong Biblical Worldview, it can be distorted so easily because of all of the misleading and false statements that comes out of the world. One good example of how Christians can be easily misled is by the mainstream media. The way that we can “Tune-up” our worldview is by having an active prayer life and studying the Bible. Our relationship with God is the key to how we live our lives here on Earth. If we are meditating on God’s word and praying to him daily, God will lead us and give us the strength to live a righteous and Godly life. Of course we will never live a perfect life because we are humans and we sin, but God can give the knowledge and will-power to live for him with each day he blesses us with.

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