Doctrine of the Mean Applied to My Life

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In a certain game, if the “game rule” allows you to order your preference over your choices, you will, in theory, find out the option that matters most to you; if it does not, you may not single out one of your most favourites. What matters most to you in the later case is the “game rule”, because it influences your decision. Based upon the above reasoning, my answer to the question of what matters most to you is the “game rule”, my guiding philosophy of doctrine of the mean. It affects my decision when I face choices in life. Doctrine of the mean is one of the most sophisticated ancient Chinese philosophies. But my education and life experience have helped develop my own understanding of the philosophy, which in return guides my view of the world and my choice for life. The doctrine of the mean represents a life attitude toward choices of life based on self-awareness. If someone seems to be full of ideas, like a cup of water, how can any more go in---until he/she first pours some water out? I used to be the “full cup of water” person, leaving no room for changing. I ranked No.1 ...
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