Importance Of Golden Mean In The Odyssey

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Myths play an influential role in all cultures and societies. Back when communication was not easy, stories were told among family and friends to help spread lessons. Values to help children to learn about how to live a blessed life are made into these stories. One may not notice the same thing that happens today. Stories told of Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and creatures alike who reward those for being balanced. Back in history when folk spoke of gods alike to parents talking about godlike beings watching a child’s decision making. Golden Mean motivates people in this time period by showing humility and just or risk facing the consequences. Golden Mean was an important value in Ancient Greek culture because it taught people to be balanced…show more content…
For example, in “Book 4” Proteus says “Ajax went down among his long oared ships. /Poseidon had driven him onto Gyrae’s rocks /But saved him from the sea. He would have escaped, /Despite Athena’s hatred, but he lost his wits /And boasted loudly that he had survived the deep /In spite of the gods. Poseidon heard this boast, /And with his trident he struck Gyrae’s rock /And broke it asunder. One part held firm, /But the other part, upon which Ajax sat /In his blind arrogance, fell into the gulf /And took Ajax with it. And so he perished, /His lungs full of saltwater”. This shows that Ajax was not balanced after being saved by the gods. This reveals that no matter the circumstance, if one do not show humility, consequences will ensue. This proves that one must be balanced when shown pity by the gods. Golden Mean is shown by not only Odysseus but other characters to the true…show more content…
Dr. Steven Aicinena from, in the article “When Pride Goes Wrong”, says that athletes will go far enough to have pride as to hurt other players unknown of the consequences. For example, in the article Dr. Steven says, “Athletes experience mental anguish, embarrassment, shame and may come to hate sport as a consequence of strong humiliation. More sinister is the prospect of the athlete feeling poorly about him or herself as a human being” ( This quote shows that there is a horrible consequence for those that do not have a balanced life. This quote also reveals that pride does not bring a blessed life, but instead a life full of grief and worry. This quote proves that people cannot be ill-willed to others because they want to feel mighty and proud or else they are going to be the one that will be humiliated instead. One will receive consequences if they are not balanced in their life or show

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