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Online learning is becoming a big part of higher education. Student are able to choose their majors from different universities and do not have to step foot on campus. I am writing this research paper to explain the challenges of online students and the implications it will have on student affairs professionals. As a current online student, I am elated that I can reach my professor and student affairs professionals, but some students that are completing their degree requirements online do not have access to student affairs professionals. So if a student does not have access to student affairs professionals online, what are they to do? Well, besides the challenges online students face, it is important that student affairs professional create online help to assist these students. I do not think colleges/universities will be able to hire professionals around to help these students, but something simple during the day will be acceptable. Literature Review When it comes to online learning, students are taking risk to complete degree requirements online without being on the college/university campus. Some challenges online students faces which impact …show more content…

Forty-five percent of respondents said they selected the most inexpensive institution out of their options, up from 30 percent the year before (Haynie, 2015). I am not surprised by the figures. Students are looking for a cheaper online program, since financial aid maybe on their list for them attend the program of choice. According to Tsai (2006) learners’ attitude about the Internet influences their learning interest and performance in on-line classes. The explosion of technology has also made teaching outside the traditional classroom possible for teachers and has also provided learners with easy access to course material (Li, Chi-Sung, Irby, Beverly,

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that online students experience some challenges throughout the online process, such as self-motivation, personal interaction, and responsibility. students who experience these challenges will most likely drop classes, which will affect their financial aid.
  • Explains the challenges of online learning and the implications it will have on student affairs professionals.
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