Do Advanced Technologies Make Us More Secure, Or Escalate Dangers?

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Do advanced technologies make us more secure, or escalate dangers? I believe advanced technologies do make us more secure in this world. However, I also think advance technologies escalate dangers also.
Some of these technologies are pretty obvious like security systems, video cameras, the CPI security system. All the bells and whistle's with your systems, I believe a lot of these systems have had a huge impact on protecting and saving lives. The only thing is these camera's could be used to spy on you. They could see when you are not there, hear when you are going on vacation, deactivate your system and rob you while you are gone. With every new technology someone uses to protect themselves there is a period where it is going to work. After so long though someone is going to figure out a way to infiltrate your system and then they will have access to everything.
I also believe you can go as far as technologies protect your body, such as your back, legs, any of our body parts. Small designs like your hand trucks and pallet jacks allow you to move heavy objects without hurting yourself. Larger machines, Forklifts allow you to lift much larger objects or other machines so that we do not have to. So, you could definitely say that these technologies are protecting us. The only thing is we have to have safety classes to operate a forklift safely so we don’t pick up too much weight. We also have to regulate speed limits and make sure you keep the load as low as possible to the ground so if it did fall, it wouldn't be as far. Without some of this information and rules for the forklifts. We could definitely turn the forklift into a danger instead of a great piece of technology to work with. If you do not drive at a safe speed you could ...

... middle of paper ... nothing you could do about it. That is why certain technologies such as the seat belt in a lot of cases save you life. However, I know people that were not wearing their seat belt when they wrecked and they lived. But, if they would have had their seat belt on they would have died. Either way you look at it seat belts save lives and sometimes they do not.
In conclusion, technologies sometimes make us more secure and sometimes the escalate dangers. Although, in the end I believe technology is for the best and it save lives time and money. We have just go to learn and grow to use this technology in more safer ways. Every time you start off with some new kind of technology there is going to be consequences or troubles that you run into. We just need to try to see these mistakes before they happen. I believe we should always try to better humanity with technology.
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