Diversity on Long Island

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Long Island also known as a diverse community to many people helps many of us come more aware of other cultures and religions. Having a combination of different religions and life living together makes us more known to the world. We as an island surrounded of millions of people don’t appreciate the unique and wonderful things that are being given to us. Others like tourists or people from all around the world might not feel the same way though. In many nations around the world people don’t get to experience the social interactions and bandings one might get to feel and understand. Living with different kinds of cultures around you is also very knowledgeable to many people. One could learn a lot about someone’s background or country just by interacting or spending some time with them. For example, you can learn about different foods, clothing, fashion, and the kind of lifestyles others might have. Living together helps keeps us in harmony and peace. If we didn’t get along or maybe even share some of the ideas we wouldn’t be such a diverse community. Knowing and underst...
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