Importance Of Cross-Cultural Awareness

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Cross-Cultural Awareness Training Diversity and inclusion directly affect the culture of an organization because it allows the companies most important resource—people resource, to bring their whole self to the workplace. This in turns allows them to feel more confident, productive and better aligned to meet the goals of the organization collectively. We live in a globally interdependent world and which requires that we understand the different cultures, traditions, beliefs, and values of those who might be different from us. What better place to begin than with cross-cultural awareness training? In this paper I will cover the importance of cross-cultural awareness training, the rationale for the training, the topics, delivery methods, the…show more content…
The employees of this organization come from all over the United States and all over the world. These employees also work with clients who come from and/or are located all over the globe. Therefore, it is two-fold as to why the employees require cross-cultural training and why the program was created. The organization is seeking cross-cultural awareness training because of the following reasons: the company is growing globally, the staff is working with others in other countries, the staff itself is culturally diverse and the company is actively seeking multinational growth and projects. Just as AT&T 's diversity and inclusion strategy is built to alsin with the business goals and priorites of the business. Portefield Learning and Developemnt may not be as big as AT&T, but the organization works effortlessly in the areas of “workforce inclusion, community impact, multicultural marketing and supplier diversity” according to the Diversity and Inclusion 2015 Report. The company has implemented cutural groups in various business areas: twelve Employee Resource Groups and nine Employee Networks with 122,000 combined…show more content…
20). Learning to be sensitive and communicate across cultures is important for most organizations because it helps to move the company forward to accomplish its mission and vision. CCT helps to alleviate misunderstandings or miscommunications due to cultural differences and raises conscious awareness of any implicit
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