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As the Internet becomes increasingly popular, so do online classes. Last year alone, there was a 13% increase in registration for distance learning classes throughout the public university system. (Beverly Creamer, 2003) It is now possible for people to learn conveniently from home or office. People that want to go to school can do so now because scheduling and geographic location does not matter with online classes because the class course is brought to the student rather than the student to the course.
Is distance learning as effective as classroom based courses? This study will compare questions asked to students that have taken both online and classroom-based courses to determine the effectiveness of online courses in relation to classroom-based courses. There will be two types of comparisons, those of the exact same course and those of similar courses.

The main problem is that no measuring system exists to compare online technical courses to classroom based technical courses at Central Connecticut State University.
Sub Problems
1. There is a difference in GPAs?
2. Which style course shows the higher grades?
3. Is there a meaningful correlation?
4. How can the difference be measured?
5. How do students feel about online and classroom-based courses?
6. Would they take an online course again?
The purpose of this study is to determine if online technical courses are as effective as traditional classroom based courses offered at Central Connecticut State University. The outcome can be used as a basis to be applied to other schools or universities.
Using a quantitative approach the answers to selected Class Survey questions will be compared for both online and classroom based courses.
Old Questions refers to questions already on the course evaluation questionnaire.
New Questions refers to questions that will be added to the course evaluation questionnaire for online classes.
5 Old Questions for Online Class Survey
1. Has this course been intellectually stimulating?
2. Would you rate the overall quality of this course as high?
3. What is your age? A. 19 or...

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...he effectiveness of the course is less than that of a classroom based course. Students should not want to take a course that is delivered in a sub satisfactory way. The university must be weary of the fact that the schools reputation may be tarnished if students are not learning while attending courses at that university.

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