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  • The Importance of Agriculture in Connecticut

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    First of all, the preparedness plan highlights the importance of agriculture in Connecticut. Agriculture contributes $3.5 billion to the state’s economy and provides 20,000 jobs (Lopez et. al. 2010), and it has a high vulnerability to climate change. The Agriculture Workgroup was formed to evaluate specific impacts on agriculture. They found that most impacts were negative, and that the top five most imperiled features are maple syrup, dairy, warm weather produce, shellfish, and apple/pear production

  • Griswold vs. Connecticut

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    Griswold vs. Connecticut On June 7th 1965, married couples in the State of Connecticut received the right to acquire and benefit from contraceptive devises. In a majority decision by the United States Supreme Court, seven out of the nine judges believed that sections 53-32 and 54-196 of the General Statues of Connecticut , violated the right of privacy guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment. The case set precedence by establishing marital (and later constitutional) privacy, and had notable influence

  • Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

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    Fundamental Orders of Connecticut The British North American colonies were on the cutting edge of governmental systems in their time. They developed confederations and other styles of ruling that greatly differed from the iron fist of the absolutist monarch of Britain. Among these colonies, Connecticut was the forerunner. Among three major towns, Hartford, Windsor and Wethersfield, Connecticut formed what is today known as a federalist government. Within Connecticut’s federalism, the ideas

  • Happiness and Health in a Connecticut Nursing Home

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    lives and activities, they would show improvements in mental alertness, activity level, satisfaction with life, and other measures of behavior and attitude. 3. The participants of this study was 91 individuals who were living at Arden House, a Connecticut nursing home. these individuals were separated into two groups, the first group ( containing 8 men and 39 women) received the "increased-responsibility" treatment, and a comparison group (containing 9 men and 35 women) who's routine remained relatively

  • Griswold Vs Connecticut Era Of Contraceptives

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    that ostracized contraceptives. Then in this era of women challenging their stereotypes, arose a distinguishable case known as Griswold v. Connecticut which would challenge the Supreme Court system and later alter other feminist movements for the better. Prior to 1965, the image of anti-birth control was becoming a prevalent issue in the state of Connecticut. In 1879 Connecticut’s law stated “any person who uses any drug, medicinal article or instrument for the purpose of preventing conception shall

  • Desire To Graduate From University of Connecticut

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    I have always wanted to go to a large university with over 20,000 students and a huge campus. As a high school junior, I looked into applying to both University of Massachusetts Amherst and University of Connecticut Storrs. However in the end I only applied to University of Massachusetts Amherst due to various reasons. And I came here knowing I would change myself to be a better person. I am the youngest daughter of three daughters of my parents. As a child and even today I am more pampered and

  • Griswold Vs Connecticut Case Study

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    Essay Part Griswold v. Connecticut still stands as a precedent case U.S. legal jurisprudence history. In his opinion on the case, Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg argued that the Connecticut law prohibiting a person from using contraceptive devices was unconstitutional on grounds that it violated the “right of privacy” of an individual, protected by the due process clause of the Fourteen Amendment. In many cases, Griswold has been unappreciated for what its decision accomplished; making the

  • Proposal for the Installation of Emergency Telephones On Highways in Connecticut

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    Installation of Emergency Telephones On Highways in Connecticut Introduction I propose to install emergency telephones along Connecticut highways. Connecticut highways do not provide immediate help for emergencies. Daily, there is a 50/50 change of an accident or emergency happening. There are 45 and up to 70 emergencies in the Greater Hartford area alone. Proposal This report proposes that emergency telephones be installed on Connecticut highways. They would offer efficient ways to get help

  • Phony and Nice Worlds in Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut

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    Phony and Nice Worlds in Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut Salinger expresses his view of the world through his use of "phony" and "nice" worlds. Salinger uses the "phony" and "nice" worlds to express his pessimistic view of the world. Although "phony" and "nice" worlds exist in many of Salinger's stories, "Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut" is perhaps the best story to illustrate the difference between "phony" and "nice" worlds. "Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut" is one of the few stories which offers views

  • Time Travel Paradoxes in A Connecticut Yankee...

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    inventions and democracy change the way that English people behaved in the book. Because of paradoxes though, it couldn’t happen, but by going back in time, the Boss was able to prove America is a better system. Works Cited Negri, Paul, Ed. “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, by Mark Twain.” Mineola, NY: Dover Thrift Editions, 2001.