American Colonies Dbq

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Although the English were slow in traveling into the New World while the Spanish and French were busy traveling abroad, the English had a significant influence on what is now the American colonies. England was able to succeed in the New World through long termed colonization, the growth of substantial economies, and the utilization of agricultural resources. The English’s change in desire to travel abroad and the colonization that led to the founding of English America during the late 16th and early 17th century was impacted by the English’s yearning to transition their religious, economic, and social way of life and the founding of English America in their efforts to colonize Roanoke, Jamestown, and Plymouth. The English had a few motives…show more content…
The establishment of Roanoke ushered a new age of settlements and the colonization of America. Roanoke was not a successful colony. Harsh winter storms and hostile contact with indigenous natives were a constant threat for the evolving colony. The villagers had were running out of supplies and people were starving so they elected Captain John White to go to England bring back the supplies they needed to flourish the colony. John was reluctant about leaving all he’s ever known and love but he was forced to depart for the sake of the colony. When he was ready to return to Roanoke, Queen Elizabeth I enabled a law that prevented any form of shipping to leave England waters due to the Spanish Armada attacks. Upon his arrival back to Roanoke Island, no one villagers were to be found. To this day, the disappearance of Roanoke villagers still remain a mystery. The failure of Roanoke allowed the later settlements like Jamestown to learn and avoid the Roanoke’s…show more content…
It was a group named Virginia Company of London that would send the first group of settlers in hopes of profiting from their investments. Unfortunately, these settlers had endure the suffering of disease, hunger from lack of food, poor management, and an unstable relationship with Native Americans. After a few years of struggling Jamestown begins to flourish as a colony by improving its relationship with the Native Americans known as the Powhatan Confederacy and the cultivation of tobacco. In the end the Native Americans became unhappy with the successful growth of the colony and the English’s goal to expand even more. This conflict would soon cause the downfall of the Virginia Company of London and convert Jamestown into a Royal colony where it fell into possession of England’s law and
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