Disccipline In Children: Discipline For Children

Discipline in children
Nowadays, parents take lightly the task of educating their children. Since the world outside the family consumes so much time, they do not discipline their children as much as they should. The more quality time you spend with your child, the more disciplined he/she will be. Spending quality time with your child will make him/her realize that they are important to you. Sometimes children misbehave on purpose so they can call to your attention.
Some of the most important ways to educate a child are the following: be consistent about rules, model good behavior, reward the good behavior, be clear about rules, neutralize arguments, distinguish punishment from discipline, withholding privileges, and pay attention to the child´s feelings.
Parents need to be consistent and clear about their rules. They should be discussed in a moment when the child is willing to listen and not when he/she already broke it. The rules should not be vague; it is better when the child knows what his/her parents are expecting. So this means that the parents have to be clear and be sure that the child understood their point.
The adults, especially the parents, should be able to be a good model to the children. Normally, children, always repeat what they see and act according to that. Actions speak louder than the voice. This means that you should put in practice all the things that you are telling to the child because this will make more of an impact on them. Parents should be the role models of their child, so they should act in the way that they are expecting their children to act.
Rewarding the good behavior of the child does not mean that you will give him something materialistic like cookies or toys every time they follow an instruc...

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...ld tends to be more spoiled because he/she is able to have more access to material things. The parents should teach their children that not everything is about the money and that they have to work hard to be successful in life. While on the other hand, the children that are raised in a family with a lower economic situation are usually not that spoiled because they do not have the ability to access to a lot of things. Making them appreciate the things they own more and will work hard to be successful in what they want to do.
In conclusion, the job of a parent is to teach their children how to be disciplined. This can take a long time and can be really frustrating, but it is really important. Parents are the ones that shape their child, and all the hard work will be reflected on them. It is important for the child to know how to act in a civilized way around society.
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