Disadvantages Of Social Media Addiction

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orking on a busy day at work or at school could be overwhelming situation. When social media fills a person`s time he or she is unaware of how much time they are expending on it. It is hard for social media users to keep track of the time that is being utilized. Why isn’t a person, not cognizant of the issues of spending too much time on social media? What is actually happening to their mentality? According to social identity theory people identify themselves based on the groups they associate with. A person`s identity could be queried based on who they associate with. The social media addiction supports this theory. Luckily, there are ways to resolve the problem of social media addiction and improve a person`s outlook. Identity is the qualities, beliefs, etc., that make a particular person or group different from others[1]. Social Identity theory states that people identify themselves based on the groups that they associate with. “Tajfel…show more content…
The writer believes that spending an inordinate measure of time on social media can lead to privacy concerns. When you`re passing time on social media there is a higher chance of your information at risk of being stolen. A recent survey done by Cyber Security it shows us that 15% of social media users never looked into their privacy and security contexts, which assigns the user`s information at higher risk than the users who update their security settings. [6] Based on the privacy agreements the posts the users upload are property of social media networks which means the users are unaware of how their information is being utilized by the social media networks. There is a good chance that the social media networks could sell your information to 3rd parties for profit or marketing reasons. Ultimately, your privacy can be intruded by spending too much time on social
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