Disadvantages Of Containment In The United States

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Containment , what an extremely mixed and diverse topic. Containment is the action of keeping something harmful under control or within limits. It was a describing policy of The United States to stop the spreading of communism, which they absolutely hated and some even feared it. Communism is a political theory from Karl Marx that advocates class war and leads to a society. In which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs. The most popular time that the United States used containment was between the times of 1947 and 1989. Let’s now look at some benefits and disadvantages of containment, along with some examples of it we saw in the Cold War.

First, I am going to discuss the benefits of containment and the good things that come result from using this policy. One of the biggest reasons we saw the idea of containment come up was because of the United States hatred towards communism , and the idea of it was to prevent the spread of communism outside of places that it had …show more content…

One big negative thing that I found after doing some research is that it led to support for dictators with bad human rights records. This was obviously a bad thing because why would you want a dictator that had known for showing bad human rights ? Another bad thing that resulted from this policy was the fact that it helped support networks that became terrorists. This can also relate to today’s world because we have had so many terrible incidents with terrorists and can see just how horrible they really are. My last con that I will discuss is the fact that it led the United States to wars in Korea, Vietnam, and more places that had no recognizable win , so they really weren’t “ worth it “. Plus, the whole idea of containment was to keep harmful actions under control , and I wouldn’t consider going to war keeping harmful actions under

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