Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of The Reform Era

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1. Provide brief explanations of the major advantages and disadvantages of each of the three policing eras identified. The Political era – The police were very involved with the community in this era and could be seen as social servants. An advantage to this era was the involvement with the community. The police of the era were known to run soup kitchens and provide beds to the homeless. A problem was that the police were accountable to the politicians and the law. This was a disadvantage because what the government said is what was done. The Reform era – The police in this era ceased their ties with the politicians and became accountable to the law and professionalism. An advantage to this era was the large amount of focus put towards…show more content…
This era adopted new methods such as community policing, problem oriented policing, and intelligence-led policing. A problem with this era is the police and communities are in between the newer models of the community era and the older models of the reform era. The community era takes a longer amount of time and the reform era is quick, but has little community involvement. 2. Clearly state whether or not you think that in this era of policing we are heading in the right direction and explain the reasoning for your judgment. What about the present era will work or not work comparatively…show more content…
As discussed in class some of the major trends are the baby boomers becoming older, gang sophistication and the growing diverse population. These are all issues that were stated in the framework which proves that these are identifiable issues in Alberta. Officers in a culture can contribute to these trends of the future when they have a common goal of serving the community. This can be seen in a very recent issue regarding the Attawapiskat suicides. Extra officers have been called to the area to help with the community and provide assistance to the youth. This is something that can be seen as a police culture view. The officers that are heading there to aid the community and the officers that are already stationed on the reserve have the common goal of helping the youth and allowing the community to recover. A police subculture that can impact the future of police trends are individuals that believe that there the community policing model is not the most efficient and effective way. An article put out by blueline.ca called Keeping Community in Community Policing, provides a detailed look at the officers that believe in community policing and the officers that have other views. It talks about how the agencies can count the arrests, the tickets, and the crimes, but the one thing they can’t count is the amount of prevention (Gilchrist, 2013). There are

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