Disability Reflection Paper

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Personal Reflection on People with Disabilities People with disabilities are still people, they are people with hearts and they are actual physical beings; people with disabilities do their best to live every day to their fullest, yet that is still not enough for others. I feel like as a whole, humans are generally uncomfortable with people who have disabilities. Let’s think of it this way, people live their life every day in their normal lives and then they come across a person with a disability and suddenly their life is interrupted, like it is such a barrier in their flow of life to come across someone different from themselves. When I was younger, I use to think that people who hold a type of disability were weird and off, so I thought …show more content…

I have always grown up in a more ‘normal’ setting and seeing people with disabilities was something that was rare to me. When I was younger, my thoughts on people with disabilities were that they could only be physically seen, nothing else (mentally, intellectually, etc.). As I reached middle school, I realized how broad the world is and how many ways people were affected by disabilities. Some of them led a more normal life and some have a harder time adjusting. Just seeing and reading how so many are affected and how harder it is for them really opened up my mind and allowed me to have a wider perception of how broad things are in the world. At first, I was uncomfortable being around people with disabilities because I was still so unexperienced. I am still a little uncomfortable, not for people with disabilities, but myself. I grew up with having social anxiety and I am always scared that I will do something wrong or say something wrong. This is something that I am trying to work on, that I can come out of my shell and be more confident, maybe then, I can feel more comfortable and have more confidence when I am with people who have a

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