What Is Equal Rights Essay

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Our Equal Rights

For many years people have fought for equal rights and they are still fighting to win this battle. Also, people are still fighting to win the battle of discrimination and inequality. This paper will discuss discrimination of students with disabilities and the unequal treatment of women. There is a history of students who have a disability having a hard time learning at the same pace as other students with a learning disability. Some teachers do not have the patience to work with students who have a hard time learning. Some teachers give up on the students who have a hard time learning. People who have a disability have a hard time being an equal in the schools, college, and workplaces. Some schools are pretty bad about
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In 2006, there were many students who finished school not knowing how to read or write due to their disability and lack of help from the teachers. Another example of discrimination is when teachers put students in Special Education classes if they have hard time in just one subject. There are lots of students who would not need Special Education for this reason. There are a few reasons the school board may give for discriminating against students with disabilities. One, they may say that there are enough teachers compared to the students in the system. Two, they may say that the student isn’t trying hard enough. Third, they can say that the schools are actually doing all they can to help students with disabilities. And finally, they can say that the parents are not doing enough at home to help the student (Burns,…show more content…
A few people making changes is not enough; there needs to be a lot more emphasis placed on helping students with disabilities. With the discrimination against handicapped or students with disabilities, it is up to the parents to ensure the students get a good education. The students with the disability and their parents have to fights for equal rights (Barkan, 2008). A person who has disability does not want to be recognized as handicapped, they want to be recognized for their character. Also, they want to be recognized for who they are as a person. Everyone has challenges even if there not handicapped; people with disabilities want respect. They want people to respect them and not treat different from anyone else. They do not want to be acknowledged for their handicapped. They want to be acknowledged for their education and work skills. People with disabilities do not want to be treat as disabled. They want to be valued as a useful to people (Rosado,
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