Intellectual Disability Essay

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Now, children with intellectual disabilities are respected, and cared for just like anyone else. This was not true prior to the mid 19th century. People and doctors feared them and they were often ignored. As time continued throughout history things changed for the better. Some people may have believed that someone either had an intellectual disability or not, but this is not true. There are different levels to it. Children with an intellectual disability can and do attend regular schools with a little extra help, but they do experience emotional and behavior problem along the way. Not all causes for intellectual disabilities can be found, but there are a few known ones. With all of this said, there are ways to prevent intellectual dishabilles and ways to treat it as well. …show more content…

Like I mentioned before, prior to the mid 19th century those with intellectual disabilities were not accepted into society, but during the mid 19th century a man named Samuel G. Howe opened the first humanitarian institution in North America. He discovered 575 people with intellectual disabilities. Each were examined with respect and he discovered many different things about intellectual disabilities. Soon after, in the 1950’s the National Association for Retarded Children was formed. All throughout the years following the opening of the humanitarian institution there was an increase in acceptance for those with intellectual disabilities. President John F. Kennedy even formed the Presidents panel on Mental Retardation in

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