Digital Evidence and Forensics

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With the increase use of computers to commit crimes and growing demand for computer-based data in civil proceedings, crimes developed rapidly for forensics experts to extract useful information from computer evidence. The field of digital forensics has evolved to allow security professionals to examine evidence from the increasing plethora of digital devices to help determine what individuals might have done in the past. Some of the digital crimes are cyber stalking, Internet fraud, Nigerian scam letter, Phishing, Identity Theft etc. Forensic works are more technical. From corporate server farms to police raids on criminals' houses to the modern battlefield a wide variety of evidence is collected. It helps to determine what happened and who would be responsible. Some work in digital forensics is largely procedural and covers a wide variety of areas. Some of the law enforcement needs to produce compelling and legally recognized evidence to prosecute crimes and corporations might need to identify and mitigate an insider threat which requires a lower standard of proof and military intelligence needs might require quick action based on a limited amount of information. Those forensics researchers must develop new techniques for acquiring and analyzing data from the new devices that they encounter in their cases. Digital evidence is information stored or transited in digital form that may be used in court during an investigation. Different organizational entities have unique requirements for forensic results.


The first computer crimes were recognized in the 1978 Florida Computer Crimes Act, which includes legislation against unauthorized modification or deletion of data on a computer syste...

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...s creators, and they know the key points to use technology against technology.

• Currently few organizations have dominated digital crime forensic markets which have the tools and the solutions for cyber forensic investigation and are looking forward to train law enforcement agencies to use their tools and solutions to overcome digital and cyber-crimes.


• Most of the Digital crimes are done by using technology against technology which is a vital part of the computer security process. Now a days many corporate companies, government agencies are taking precautionary measures by impimenting solutions and tools to undergo Digital and Cybercrimes. As more knowledge is obtained about how crimes are committed with the use of computers, more forensic tools are to be implemented to gather evidence more efficiently and combat the crime wave on technology.
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