Parenting Styles

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Introduction Bowlby, the originator of attachment theory, claimed that during the child’s early age, he depends only on his mother who is his benefactor providing an environment and orientation for him; she is also his connection to the world and provides the safety he need. Upon a child’s learning of those skills, the parent transfers all those roles to the child in a slow and gradual process until he reaches maturity (Bretherton, 1992). This shows how parenting and attachment can shape the life of an infant in preparation for his adult life. Although Bowlby used mother and parent, a broader view would encompass caregivers especially in today’s American society where mothers have ceased to be stay home caregivers for their children. Therefore it is important that the rearing of a child is coupled with good parenting style to stimulate an attachment that would enhance the child development and the quality of future behaviors. Because researches shows that the combination of parenting style and temperament of the child’s determine the outcome of the child’s social-emotional and cognitive development. So in the following paragraphs will examine two different parenting styles, authoritative and indulgent parenting styles, and two different types of attachments that we might expect from their applications. Parenting Styles Parent and dedicated caregivers can affect positively or negatively the child physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development. Because good parenting also help protect the brain from potential damage by helping in the regulation of excessive and inadequate stress-hormone exposure (Berk, 2010). Additionally a good mental health in a developing child is a result of the quality of care received fro... ... middle of paper ... ...auses and outcomes. They are relevant only if we consider a specific culture and their practices. Conclusion Parenting styles can shape the outcome of a child future. Since the behavioral genetics has shown that temperament emerges early in life and remain fairly constant through the life span (Pinker, 2004), it is important that a good parenting style is used to ensure that the child develops all the qualities needed for physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development. Of all the parenting styles, I have selected the authoritative and indulgent styles, which I believe would produce a secure and avoidant attachment respectively. And although these model works well in the United States, researchers have found that in different cultures and society different outcome in parenting styles and attachments are based solely on those country cultural practices.
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