Differences Between Male And Female

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What are the differences between a male and a female? Shouldn’t the only difference be the body parts? Today and even in the past, people have this stereotype of the female. Society today tries to battel against the thought that there should be different rights for men and women, especially women. However, there are men that have the concept as a feminist would. I’m one of those men that believe the male and female genders should have equal rights. Though there may be some ascribed genetic differences between a male and a female, the “nature” of the genders, does not impede a woman to do as much or more than a man. Many philosophers degraded women, by rejecting their philosophy. Basically, the integration of reason, virtue, and knowledge was rejected for women.
It is said that, “a woman is made to please and be dominated” by man (pg.369). I agree with the fact that women were created to submit to man, but I disagree with domination. Dominating, is to deny the rights of a person to speak or to even act. The woman plays a role as a help and right hand to the man, but the man has no right to constrain with the woman’s happiness. This happiness can be a job, clothing style, or even reason and judgment.
In society, there are many different job positions. For instance, there is a nursing profession, which a man or a woman can both work in. The difference is, that a woman gets paid less because she is a woman. A woman can have the amount school years, same degree or major as man and still get payed lower. However, I disagree with this act because if a woman could do all the schooling, just as how a man was, then why should she get payed less, when performed the same time of schooling and effort was done? This only leads to one conclu...

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...nd not made with purpose. Basically, women were created, but there was no other choice than to give her a role; under a man’s authority and priesthood.
In conclusion, despite of the genetical differences between a man and a woman, both were made equally to support each other. The biological limitations of a woman do not make her a less of a leader, bold, a character, or even physically and emotionally strong. Prejudice against the rights of woman, only has led them to become stronger leaders in society, they have an unrelenting stance. Nevertheless, I as a male can say that without woman, a man is lonely and has no purpose. Not only do woman think they are capable as much as a man is, but also that they are made for one another. The man possesses the power of strength and she the power of delicacy, for an individual to have a life of totality they most have both.
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