Difference Between Socs And Greasers

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A is for the abusive gang members on both sides, Socs and Greasers. B is for the boys of the gang that were strangers, then friends, and now family. C is for the church that Ponyboy and Johnny Cade stayed in after the incident. D is for Darry, Ponyboy and Sodapop’s big brother, also their “dad”. E is for everyone in the gang who stuck with each other no matter what happened. F is for family because everybody in the gang stuck together and became eachothers family. G is for the two gangs that divided the town. H is for hero because Johnny and Ponyboy were heros after the fire at the church. I is for independence that Ponyboy Curtis wants, but Darry refuses to give. J is for juvenile delinquent because Ponyboy says that Johnny died a hero but Dally died a juvenile delinquent. …show more content…

L is for the luck that Ponyboy had while helping the kids in the church fire. Also the luck that Johnny should have also had while helping. M is for madra shirts, the shirts the upper class, or the Socs, wore daily. N is for the nasty names that Socials would call the Greasers while driving by them. O is for overcritical because the Socs think that the Greaser are not worth as much as them, and they always criticize them too much, Ponyboy discovers this name calling more than he should. P is for Ponyboy Curtis, Darry and Sodapop’s younger brother. The narrator of the story. Q is for the Greaser’s quirky way of life. R is for the ruthless behavior that both the Socs and the Greaser show. S is for the strange way that Dally reacts when Johnny dies, the gang did not expect it from him. T is for the thoughtless behaviors in all of the gang

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