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    “The Difference of Initial Inference of Identity” S.E. Hinton’s novel, The Outsiders, is at first a narrative of Ponyboy, a young outcast boy who later becomes a young man filled with identity. At the end of the novel, it is revealed that the narrative is actually Ponyboy’s autobiographical account of his quest for a place in society. The symbols and motifs of The Outsiders contribute immensely to the novel’s most prominent theme: Commonality between the rich and the poor is camouflaged by economics

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    class while the greasers are the poor ones that dislike the Socs because they have more money, better cars, and act like they are better than the greasers. The Outsiders is a good story by S.E. Hinton that shows the struggles of growing up Hinton did a fine job with the character development, the plot, and the theme with a few flaws. The Outsiders is a book that changed the style of young adult writers because it went off from the genre that young adult writer were using during that time period. The

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    The Outsiders One day after school Ponyboy and his friend Johnny took two Soc girls out to the movies, they were walking home when five Socs jumped them. The Socs were mad at them for taking their girls on dates. Bob (one of the Socs) was about to drown Ponyboy in a fountain when Johnny lost it and stabbed him. The Socs ran and so did Johnny and Ponyboy. After this incident they ran to a church outside of town. One day the church catches on fire. Johnny and Ponyboy save the kids that were playing

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    The Outsiders The main character, Ponyboy he is a greaser, part of the lowest-class kids who wear their hair long and greasy, wear blue jeans and ripped-up T-shirts. There is another group of kids called the “Socs”. They were the preppy kids, the rich ones, the goody-two-shoes.The “Greasers” and the “Socs” do not get along and have their daily brawls in the street. One day, as Ponyboy is walking home from a movie, he is jumped and beaten by a gang of Socs. At the last minute, his gang of greasers--including

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    The Outsiders ‘The Outsiders’ is written by S.E. Hinton. It is set in the 1960s in a town in the USA. It is about the conflict of the two main teenager gangs called the Socs (short for Socials) and the Greasers. The Socs live on the West side where they live a supposedly better life with everything that they want and the Greasers live on the East side with nothing much but anger and jealousy about the Socs who always seem to be privileged in every way. The conflict (a state of disharmony

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    "The Outsiders" is a story that deals with a conflict between two gangs, the "Greasers" from the East Side of town and the "Socs" from the West-side of town. This is a story that is told in the first person. This book took place in the early 1960’s.The mood of the story, in my point of view, was pretty misfortunate and is a tragedy, because when you think that it couldn’t get worse, it just did. Ponyboy Curtis is the one telling the story. The novel starts off, one day, as Ponyboy is walking home

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    The title of the book is “The Outsiders” which was published on April 24, 1967, by Susan Eloise Hinton an American writer, at the age of 19, best known for her young adult novels set in Oklahoma. The Outsiders became a commercial success and won numerous awards. In 1967, it was named one of the best teen books by the New York Herald Tribune and was also a Chicago Tribune Book World Spring Book Festival Honour Book. The novel’s gritty, realist portrayal of teenage life was striking, as was the fact

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    What being an Outsider Truly Means The title “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton is very transparent and requires deeper thinking to be understood, because in the end it is like an onion. You can peel of layers and layers but there is still more. Ms. Hinton never did mention who the outsiders were or outsiders at all, so what is an “outsider”? I believe that we are all outsiders, because being an outsider means to be different and to work well together because of that. Perhaps a hidden moral to the

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    A Summary of the Outsiders by S. E. Hinton The Outsiders By: S.E. Hinton This story is about a young boy of 14 named Ponyboy. He is part of a hood group called Greasers on the east side of town, a group of lower-class teenagers who wear their hair long and greasy, wear jeans and ripped-up T-shirts, and are at odds with the rich-kid bullies known as the Socs . This... 1,766 words 4 pages A Character Analysis of the Novel "The Outsiders" The Outsiders: Character Changes In literature, a character often

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    How Two Different Heroes Grow Up And Turn Rivals Into Friends The Outsiders and The Wednesday Wars deal with misunderstandings among young people in the 1960’s and show how people can form friendships despite their differences. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is about two rival gangs, the Greasers and Socs. Ponyboy Curtis and some Greasers befriend Cherry Valance, a Soc. She spies on the Socs and helps out the Greasers. Ponyboy and his friend, Johnny Cade, become involved with the killing of a Soc

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    The Novel the Outsiders set in the mid 60’s, Tulsa, Oklahoma written by S.E Hinton published April 24, 1967 is a book about the life of a 14-year-old boy called Ponyboy Curtis. The novel is about Ponyboy and his struggles in the society in that he believes that he is an outsider. Ponyboy has two brothers, Darrel, who is 20 and Sodapop, who is 16. Ponyboy and his brothers are in a gang called ‘the Greasers’, the Greasers were the poorer kids. The Greasers also had an enemy gang called the Socs, short

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    diversity to their communities. Thesis Outsiders change their surroundings for the better by introducing hpe, creativity and inspiration. Synonyms Diversity-variety, contrast, mixture Community-slum, suburb, association Topic sentences -Outsiders improve their society and allow people to express their kindness and bring out their true selves. -Outsiders do not behave the same way as everyone else and this benefits the community. -The creativity and ingenuity that Outsiders display changes their communities

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    Outsiders Response In the story, The Outsiders, written by S.E. Hinton, You meet the main character, Ponyboy, who is the youngest of the gang who is friends with 2nd youngest, Johnny. It takes place in Tulsa Oklahoma. At the beginning it talks about Ponyboys brothers, Soda and a Darry, and how their in a gang with him called the Greasers who are in a rival with another gang on the other side of town called the Soc’s. The main conflict in the book is when Johnny kills the soc Bob because he was

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    The Outsiders by S.E. hilton is a book about A teenager named ponyboy and his two brothers named darry and sodapop. The main plot about the story is about ponyboy going threw a lot of still with him and his brothers and friends being in a gang with a whole lot of violence and them fighting with the cops. Then ponyboy and his friend johnny got into with another gang and end up killing one of them then they ran away with some help with a fellow gang member darrel. Ponyboy and his two brother had recently

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    side, it is green where you water it”. The film The Outsiders really resonates with this quote. It tells a story of two groups of ignorant teenagers who allow their socioeconomic differences impede their relationship. Little do they know, they share the same problems and live in the same world. Like the quote says, the grass is green where one waters it but they do, in fact, share the same yard. One of the most prominent themes in The Outsiders is empathy. What the characters experience on screen

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    Outsiders reflection “It’s ok. We aren’t in the same class. Just remember that some of us watch the sunset too.” ‘The Outsiders’ book demonstrated a proper sense of being towards others. This book showed people that it’s okay to be different because in the end, we are just people who watch the same sunset every night. The greasers and Socs have always fought, but they eventually realize that they are just people with big dreams and lives to live like the rest of them. Where this book takes place

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    Johnny. It wasn’t always this toilsome; it all happened on that fateful night at the park, forcing Ponyboy & Johnny out of their hometown Oklahoma, making them both feel like a pair of ‘Outsiders’. S.E Hinton inscribes a thrilling plot admirably well for the breathtaking novel ‘The Outsider’. In ‘The Outsiders’, the protagonist- Ponyboy- is jumped by the Socs in the beginning

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    fear that you may find yourself in a situation where you’ll be forced to use it? Do you walk around hiding your emotions because society tells you doing otherwise is not acceptable? In The Outsiders, a novel written by S. E. Hinton, these are only a fragment of the struggles the characters face. In The Outsiders there are two main gangs, the Greasers and the Socs. Both gangs participate in illegal activities. The Socs jump Greasers ‘wreck houses, and throw beer blasts for kicks.’ The Greasers ‘steal

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    Throughout the novel, The Outsiders, Ponyboy is a quiet and lonely teenager. But, by the end of the book, he soon finds his place with the Greasers and learns that bravery is important. The Outsiders is a story about a boy named Ponyboy who faces the troubles between the Greasers and Socs; two different gangs that can never seem to get along. When a crime is committed, Ponyboy and all of his friends must pay the price and learn that bravery can be hard at times, but it is always worth it in the

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    Don't judge someone by how they look and what class they fit in.Just because they look a certain way doesn't mean they act like that. In The outsiders by S.E hinton is based off a true events that happened in S.E hinton's life in her hometown of Tulsa oklahoma. In the book The Outsiders Appearances is a major theme for the characters and it is used throughout the book. The greasers aren’t dressed as fine as the socs where the socs are dressed find and act like they have no problem.Were the greasers