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Youth culture is term often used to define young people from different ideologies, stereotypes, and other labels being used to stigmatise young people based on their norms; as well as segregating them into different cultural groups or subculture. According to Cieslik and Simpson (2013, p.3) “People would often have different notions of what constitutes young people and many of these understandings will be at variance with the ways young people see themselves”. In this report, the chosen source of information has been from an online new source; from the Mail Online on a news article about young girls being involved in gang culture of drug, sex and violence as the increasing culture within Britain. However, within the key issues identified in the chosen article around youth culture has firstly described gang culture as being inevitable, likewise girls as young as nine years of age are putting their lives at risks by being caught up in the culture (Government Crime Inspectors, 2010 in Mail Online, 2010). Secondly, young men are described to be in gang association as form of friendsh...

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