Compare And Contrast Danny In The Outsiders

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Two characters who are similar, yet different How can two people who are very different share similarities? Dally and Johnny, two greasers from S. E. Hinton’s novel The Outsiders, have distinct differences as well as similarities. They are similar because they both know what it is like to have abusive and neglectful parents. Also, they both care about each other in similar ways. Dally and Johnny are completely different when it comes to the law. Dally is the least law abiding in the gang, where as Johnny is the most. Dally and Johnny are dissimilar when they die. Dally dies a hoodlum, which is vast difference from how Johnny dies a hero. Therefor, Dally and Johnny have a lot in common, but also have great differences. Dally and Johnny are similar in a way of knowing what it is like to have abusive and neglectful parents. There is no love coming from Dally’s home, which is why he does some reckless things. The neglect he faces at home affects his ability to love others. His parents do not interact with him and Dally states, “‘my old man don’t give a hang whether I’m in jail or dead in a car wreck or drunk in the gutter’” (88). Dally’s …show more content…

Hinton shows two characters, Dally and Johnny, who are alike in significant ways, but they also have extreme differences. They both have abusive and neglectful parents, and know what it is like to feel unloved. Also, Dally and Johnny both care about each other in similar ways, and want the best for one another. One of the biggest differences Dally and Johnny face is following the law. Dally lives his life looking for trouble and purposely doing illegal things. Where as, Johnny follows rules and is the most law abiding in the gang. Another difference Dally and Johnny have is how they are viewed in death. Dally dies a criminal, with a brutal death from a gun. Contrary to Johnny, who dies as an honored savior and a hero. Two similar characters can have vast

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