Difference Between Small Family And Small Families

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A group of people living together in a household that consist of parents and children.
In small families, we’ll have better health and at the same time greater wealth. Preferring a small family can help you make your state of living be vigorous and will come up with less mess to encounter. If a family has a little number of members, they can easily resolve a problem that they will encounter. Small families are better than big families in the way that parents’ financial concerns are minimalized and they can spend more time with their children. In addition, sibling rivalry is less likely to happen. These are just some of the things why small families are better than big families.
In small families, parents’ financial concerns are minimalized.
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It has gained its value for people try to save wealth for their future needs. Nowadays, no one will survive without money. Without money, no one can even purchase food, a clothing or even a shelter. And also, our society would break down and we, modern man, wouldn't exist.
Financial condition of family is deeply related to its size. A living cost in large family is higher than in small family. In large family, greater amount of money will be used for clothes, toys, education and foods whereas expenses in small family seems to be lower. Parents can easily fulfill the needs their children. They can provide best education and look after them very well whereas when there are many children to look after, parents can’t just look even the basic needs of the children. Therefore, children suffer, the parents suffer and nation suffers.
Parents can spend more time with their child. They can give their full attention to their children. They can demote more time in nurturance and raising of their children. In small families, children will receive more individualize care from their parents. It will be easier for the parents to merge their careers with their family. So, they can grant things that will raise their child’s
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To avoid such huge inconsistency, parents must show to young children on how to institute child-rearing practices that will prevent or at least diminish future sibling conflicts. And must provide strategies for reducing friction and stress among children when they arise. In large families, when resources are insufficient, siblings seem to experience conflict and competition for the limited resources compared to the siblings in small families in which resources are adequate. Having 4-5 children wanting some quality time with their mother, competition among siblings is only natural. Having a small family should be favored by people. By having a small family, parents’ problems regarding money are diminished, parents and their children have more bonding time with each other, and the chances of conflict between children is decreased. A small family can live in a more peaceful and harmonious way. It is better to be in a smaller family, parents will have more time and money to give to their children the best possible education they can have. You can meet material requirements. In addition, parents will have better relation with their children. There’ll be less sibling rivalry and greater opportunity to
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