Plato and the Nuclear Family in his Work:The Republic

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The nuclear family, consisting of a mother, father, and children, is something very familiar to our society. We hold these relations as ideal and form our lives around their bonds. In the Republic, Plato suggests to abolish families and replace them with the Guardians. This is easily one of Plato’s most controversial ideas; it contains positive elements, but is seen as impractical to undesirable by many. The rationale behind Plato’s idea consists of many different parts, which are focused on a main goal of unity. The belief is that if a society rids itself of these families, they will favor unity and strive towards the enrichment of society as a whole. Although this may have its positive impacts on society, I personally believe that it goes against the nature of humans. It is Plato’s opining that living without nuclear families would allow the whole society to work together as one entity; in this idea the whole community is seen as a family. The overall goal of this idea is to promote unanimity and decrease opposition. He states that it is best for a society to share their experiences and use these experiences to come together. In this society, there will not be favoritism towards ones relatives and what is just will be seen as most important. Since the guardian class will have wives and children in common, then they will also have mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters in common. Plato makes this clear when he states that, “All the citizens rejoice and are pained by the same success and failures, doesn’t this sharing of pleasures and pains bind the city together.”( Republic, bk. 5, 462). The successes of others will be seen as their own, since everyone is, in a sense, related. “Our citizens, then, are devoted to a c... ... middle of paper ... ...more from life and not truly understanding their purpose. Undoubtedly, in our conventional society, family is important for a variety of reasons. We depend on our families to teach us almost everything we know. They help us to understand social interaction and to create the things we consider to be our values. Our family starts our education and most importantly provides a sense of stability and support that can help in every kind of challenging situation. When a family fails in the raising of a child, it is clear in many aspects of the child’s behavior, which goes to show how truly important this family system is. Since the idea has never been used, it is hard to say what would actually happen if the plan was played out, but from the experience that we do have, communally raised children usually suffer negative effects in their ability to form emotional attachments
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