Difference Between Evolutionary Psychology And Human Development

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WHAT DO YOU UNDERSTAND BY EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT? Introduction Medics say that every person is what he/she eats. If you eat right food, your health would apparently be good describing whoever you are, and if you do the reverse, then your health would likewise be poor. This saying can equally apply to the content of social construction of children based on the psychological and environmental materials they are fed with. Every child or person is inherent to the environmental factors to which they live or are brought up in. The concept of social construction is hence an unavoidable portent to childhood development and the aggregate human development. Evolutionary psychology equally creates an unnoticeable point of argument whenever the subject of human development is discussed. Evolutionary psychology houses the accredited important segments of analysing the growth stages and complements to which an individual moves from the infant stages of life to adulthood. Studying human development in absence of including the scenario of understanding his/her evolutionary portion to educational growth would be an incomplete story. Therefore, scholars have come up with theories and explanations that tend to expose the manner to which evolutionary psychology and human…show more content…
The brain is also assumed to be growing to adopt distinct response to sexual identity, the brain develops corrective sections of it that is expected to respond to evolutionary changes. Others are modern societies influences the brain to make quick response immediate problems encountered over time, brain functions occur unconsciously and human psychology is composed of numerous specialized mechanism that sum up to the development explored by each. On the other hand, human development is the growth realized in human being over time from birth or childhood to
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