Difference Between Cryptography And Steganography

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ABSTRACT: Security and capacity is the primary concern to the digital data in transmission. Cryptography and the Steganography are the two fields which provide security to the data in transmission. Steganography is derived from Greek in which “Stegan” means covered and “graphy” means writing. In steganography data can be sent using any digital format like email, audio, video and text. The essence of any steganographic technique can be validated from parameters like capacity, Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR), distortion. There are different methods in steganography such as Least Significant bit method (LSB), Pixel Value Differencing Method (PVD), Edge Detection Method. This article proposes a study on various stages of Pixel Value Differencing…show more content…
Everything is getting digitalized in this modern world. So, the security to that huge amount of data is a big task. Cryptography and steganography are the two techniques which provide security to the data. Steganography is a technique of hiding the data inside another data. The word steganography is derived from Greek language in which “steganos” means covered and “graphien” means writing. The efficiency of steganography is determined mainly by three parameters. They are hiding capacity, security and robustness. Computer based Image steganography is a technique for hiding the data which provides security to the data in form of digital images. The main aim of this steganography is to embed the data into the image without any suspiciousness. The message to be embedded can be a plain text or any another image, but that data should be represented in the bit stream form. Before embedding, the secret message should be converted into the bit stream…show more content…
In this computer based image steganography the basic requirement that is taken into consideration is that the so called stego-image should not differ from the original image. Such robustness is taken into consideration and those steganographic techniques are used in various applications. In such cases even though the existence of data in the image is publicly known there is no chance of attacking from the outside world since the stego-image resembles exactly same with the cover- image. Here in these steganographic methods we use digital images as the carriers for the confidential data such as secret letters, military maps, defense secrets etc. So there is no worry about the attacks of hackers on the stego-images. Even though the hackers try to attack there is no chance for identifying the stego-image which include the embedded messages, so there is no chance for disturbance of stego-image. Here we use mainly non-robust

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