Dibs In Search Of Self Essay

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The Book Throughout the book Dibs in Search of Self, by Virginia Axline, readers learn the moving story of a boy named Dibs who had been neglected since he was in the womb, by two scientist parents that did not want a child holding them back from their success. Readers are able to see the amazing journey of a six-year-old boy, learning to be himself and find his personality and intelligence through the help of play therapy sessions with the author, Mrs. Axline. Not only are readers seeing the growth that Dibs is experiencing, but they are also able to see the large benefits that the practice of play therapy can have on any child. Dibs’ Mothers Two Appointments with Axline One of the more moving parts that I came across while reading Dibs, …show more content…

The mother came in and explained the progress Dibs had at home as well. She described the intelligence and artistic skills that her son was preforming at home. She was crying tears of joy talking about how thankful she was for all Axline’s help. She said that she knew all along that there was nothing mentally wrong with her child, but she was unsure of how to handle it before Axline had come along. Dibs mother was able to admit how she and her husband had been at fault for her son’s problems. For her to come in and thank Axline for teaching Dibs the skills that she could not teach him, took so much power. Not many people are able to admit their wrongdoings and take the blame. The reader can tell how proud Dibs’ mother is; not just of Dibs’ progress, but hers as well. These two appointments between Dibs’ mother and Axline stood out to me. The fact that Dibs’ mother was able to grow so much with her son, and better her skills as a mother was very moving. Not only did she become a better mother, but she also admitted that she was part of the reason that Dibs was not normal. For dibs mother, who was scared of confrontation at the beginning, to be able to admit to her wrongdoings just a couple months into her son’s search for himself, is

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