Design in the Universe is Evidence that God Exists

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Design in the Universe is Evidence that God Exists

The design argument is one of the "proofs" for the existence of God.

William Paley produced the most famous publication of this theory. It

states that: No complex mechanism can be created by chance, so it must

be designed. As the universe is the most complicated mechanism ever

produced, it too must have been designed. For something to be

designed, there must be a designer, and the only thing great enough to

design the universe is God, therefore God exists. In this essay, I aim

to evaluate all the evidence for and against this theory.

There are 3 things that have to be exactly right in order for life to

exist in a universe. One of these is the Violence of the Big Bang, any

more violent and you would get a big collision of galaxies, and

slightly less and the stars would move too fast and would not 'bond

together'. Another one is the Strength of Gravity inside the universe,

even a tiny bit more powerful and the star burns up and a touch less

gravity and you end up with no star at all. The final one is the

conditions for the two molecules of Hydrogen and Helium to form the

other elements. Any different and no elements would be created. It is

highly unlikely that all of these 3 things will be precisely the

perfect amount in a universe, and yet in our particular one, this

improbability has occurred. This leads many Christians to believe that

it couldn't have just happened by coincidence, as the unlikelihood of

them all being ideal is just too high. God must have made the universe

the way it is for his creation (us) to survive and prosper.

There are various different ideas to combat this assumption. I believe

that if there are so many millions of different universes, then one of

them had to have the right conditions for life to survive, there

surely must be one of the trillions that is perfect, and that is this


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