Descriptive Essay On Social Media

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With so many great social networking sites today, people can take on different personas with each site. How much one shares depends on the audience of the networking site. One can share everything or very little to an audience they never met in person. In contrast, one can share everything under the sun or nothing at all to an audience that they see on a daily basis. The person behind a username can be exactly the same as who they are in real life or they can be the complete opposite. I have three personas – reserved, unreserved, and authentic – that define who I am on the social networking sites that I use daily: Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. The Oxford English Dictionary defines “reserved” as “slow or reluctant to reveal emotions or opinions,” which is my persona for Facebook…show more content…
I censor myself on this site because of the people who can see what I post – my family, coworkers, former teachers, and an associate of my current employer – so I set limits on what I do and do not share. For example, I do not post or share anything relating to politics because I know there are people with different views and beliefs. What I do share is pictures of my personal life. Since a lot of my family members and friends live far away, they request that updates regularly so that they can watch me “grow” throughout the years. If I go out with my friends or travel, I like to share pictures to let them see what I am up to. Who I am on Facebook is who I am in real life. I like to share stories of my trips to my friends when I talk to them just like I share pictures of my trips for my family and friends to see. I am reserved in real life as well. I do not share a lot of my thoughts and feelings to people that I am not close with. With Facebook, there are so many people with many different interests; it is difficult to express my feelings about something because some people might misinterpret it, and think of me differently than what I portray myself to
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