Essay On Internet Censorship

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On 16th of December 1949, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed. Although we want governments and regimes to abide with the articles not all do. Our government is formed to protect us and to provide every citizen, infrastructure in order to make the person able to live. However our governments also care for themselves as well. They want to stay in power thus they have to protect their reputation. This is where internet censorship steps in. Although censoring some sites is reasonable, some are not. If a site on the internet criticizes the government and if this happens in a country where the government is somewhat oppressive, the site is blocked to access. I believe the level of tolerance towards criticism of a government can be found by the internet censorship in that country. We can categorize these types of governments into five: No or few censorship, normal amounts of censorship, above normal, high amount of censorship and extreme amounts of censorship. I am going to focus about the last three levels. For these levels Republic of Turkey, People’s Republic of China and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are examples I am going to talk about. These examples would be coinciding with the levels respectively. When we look at the internet censorship we can see that it affects modern day politics a lot. The internet is a tool which can destroy an oppressive regime. Now I consider the three countries I am going to talk about have oppressive regimes. If we are to list them from most to least it would be, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, People’s Republic of China and Republic of Turkey. If we look at the governing regimes in these countries we can see that North Korea is governed by communism, where China is go... ... middle of paper ... ...who is guilty or not by the political point of view a person has. We want freedom, we want our voice to be heard. Through social media we try to stay connected with people. However our governments fear the social media because it can lead to revolutions like the one in Egypt. Our governments use internet censorship to protect themselves. Although some of use try to oppose it, there is a population that is fine with it. That is the connection of internet censorship with modern day politics. It directly affects the way people look at their government and their regime and their political views. The three countries I talked about use internet censorship however there are differences between them. North Korea is the most extremist country and it is maybe an example of what China and Turkey might be like one day. These countries are all related to each other somehow and
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